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Windsmith bat Gaia
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Question Leavetaking Rituals

What rituals or practices do folks use when leaving a place? I've realized that I have very strong practices in place for when I arrive somewhere--a hotel, a ritual site, one of my pilgrimage sites, even an appointment--but nothing much for when I leave. So I'm curious as to what things other folks do that works for them, and what kinds of things you take into consideration when developing those practices.
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Default Re: Leavetaking Rituals

This one is really hard to answer for it's not a one size fits all situation.

The ritual of leaving of leaving home for the first time and going out on my own was rather profound in many ways. Yet it was also rather simplistic, in that there was not much to it other than making a call to my ancestors and speaking to them as to my undertakings and goals. Yet then how many times can one set out on such an adventure?

Yet it's just as much of an undertaking every time I left to go to work and told my wife and children I loved them. Leaving knowing I would be returning home later that day or maybe returning home in 6 to 8 months when I was deploying. Yet on both I would call to the gods / goddesses I call upon to watch over me on my journey but also to watch over my family as they go about their normal activities and keep them safe. Sometimes making an offering of libations upon the ground.

Leave taking rituals are difficult to speak upon for the very idea of taking leave of something is so diverse. So many different types of leave taking scenario's and causes that are taken into consideration I think.

Personally I think this is one category that could be broken down into a whole series of categories under the heading of leave taking.
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Default Re: Leavetaking Rituals

In my experience, whenever I want to say goodbye to something, it means that there is still a sufficient emotional charge there, that I will return to it at some point. When I'm really ready to let the thing in question go, there is no goodbye or ceremony, because I'm already past the point where that is necessary. I just move on.

Grief is an indicator of residual emotional attachment. If there is no attachment, there is no grief.
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