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Default Sully (Miracle on the Hudson).

I guess this has been and gone the other side of the pond, but this was my wife's treat to me for a fairly dismal period between the solstice and twelfth night.

In my view, the film was good enough to make up for quite a lot of the hassle she caused earlier. It's the story of the A300 ditching into the Hudson river and the subsequent air crash investigation. Having attended six of the latter and having worked on some of the cockpit software for the A300, it was if anything a little too realistic for me, reducing me to tears a couple of times. The production people obviously did a great deal of research and it paid off. And mercifully, in a time when half of 'The Hobbit' runs three hours, 'Scully' runs just half that, so I wasn't sitting there for the last half hour thinking 'when will they get it over with?'

My wife's simple comment when we left was to askk 'is it really like that?' My answer was 'yes, and just like the real thing I need a stiff drink now.' Recommended.

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