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Default Fascinating!

...deep peace of the running wave to you....

plants, spirit, medicine - my Earthwalker blog

"We're in a time of ethical and intellectual corruption. Study the spiritual traditions, live with excellence, resist insanity."
Thomas Moore
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Default Re: Fascinating!

This is indeed fascinating, feranaja.
Is there any update regarding his disappearance?
It really made me curious.
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Default Re: Fascinating!

Very Twilight Zone-ish.
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pomba gira
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Default Re: Fascinating!

The kid is pulling a big mindfuck, methinks.
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Default Re: Fascinating!

Maybe, but you'd be surprised at the stuff I've painted/written on my walls in moments of enlightenment!

I gotta paint this place someday before I croak! 0-0
No wisdom is wasted.
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