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Default Re: Pet food

I agree that adequate exercise and mental stimulation are key here. I don't use crates as I live in the country and my dogs are all pretty chill about the rules here...they are handy to have to transport a dog or confine when they are ill, so it's a good idea to have one and make it a happy place for him to go, but don't use it to confine him or teach good manners. A few questions for you:

1) Is your dog intact or neutered?
2) Is he a purebred or lab mix?
3) What do you feed?
4) Are there other dogs in the house, or cats?
5) how much exercise is he getting?
6) how much training have you done with him? how much do you know about dog training? (I have a million really good resources, but I'll only send 5 or 6, if you need some reading material).

A dog needs proper food, exercise, good training so he knows the rules, and if needed a veterinary evaluation.But before we get to that, if you can fill me in a bit about your dog I can offer more guidance.

Mitakuye Oyasin

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