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Question Question....

Do you know the creation epic of your tribe?

No wisdom is wasted.
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Default Re: Question....

Ooops,never noticed this was Native American buddy.....was gonna do *the Scots* there.


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Default Re: Question....

I'm not Algonquin, but I play one on TV.

The Algonquin were a tribe living in Massachusetts, where I live.

One day the two sons of the Earth Mother found each other face to face because their mother had died. One son, Glooskap, was good, wise and creative. The other son, Malsum was evil, selfish and destructive. Glooskap said he wanted to create things in memory of his mother. He made plants, animals and humans from the body of his mother. Malsum, in contempt of his brother made poisonous plants and snakes. As Glooskap continued to make things, and now things that would counteract those things his brother was making, Malsum in his jealousy decided to kill his brother, and settle the matter once and for all. Malsum bragged that he could not be killed, although that was not quite true. However he badgered Glooskap for days to find out how his brother was vulnerable, and how he could be killed. Glooskap could tell no lies and finally he said he could only be killed by an owl's feather. Malsum immediately made a dart out of an owl's feather shot it into Glooskap killing him.

Good is very powerful, so Glooskap rose from the dead ready to avenge his ill treatment by Malsum. He knew that Malsum would continue to plot his own death, so with heavy heart he planned how to kill Malsum. Glooskap realized he did not know what would kill him. But a blue jay, which is always snooping everywhere knew that Malsum avoided fern plants carefully and told Glooskap that. Glooskap then told Malsum that he could also be killed by a certain plant that grew near the edge of a lake. When Malsum lured him to such a lake Glooskap immediately uprooted a fern plant and threw it at Malsum, who died. Malsum's spirit went underground, and occassionally appears as a wicked wolf but only at night for he fears the light.
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Default Re: Question....

has no Native American *tribe* sure wish this thread was more generic...........I am Icelandic...........
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Default Re: Question....

Although my ancestry is varied - a lot of Irish, some recent Welsh and a few of them here for many years - one strand is Ojibwa. And to my eternal regret I do not know much about their myths. (I'm immersed in Crete and Sumeria right now, but not knowledgeable about my own ethnicity, in full. That's a topic in itself).

I know some Native Americans who get irritated by people like me - people who have one Native ancestor and then talk about them as if we are in the same boat. That isn't my attitude or intention. but what I DO feel, is a divide of sorts - between my ancient lineage - Celtic - and where I came from more recently. I mean - how many thousand years of Celts,and then this one Ojibwa great grandmother... this 1-200 years in Canada - BUT, there again is the schism between Old World and New. Some of my ancestors settled the Gatineau Hills for two hundred years ( ancient by the standards of the new world, this area is shot through with my predecessors).
So why honour one part and not another?
Are we of the New World birth to abandon our ancient lineage and legacy?

I am a Canadian with Irish and Welsh and Ojibwa ancestry.

but a child of the Mother no matter what.
"if you don't know how to think, you'll always be a one legged man in an ass kicking contest".

Shane Parrish
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Default Re: Question....

Originally Posted by Tweed View Post
I'm not Algonquin, but I play one on TV.

The Algonquin were a tribe living in Massachusetts, where I live.
Algonquian is a language whose many dialects are spoken by a kindred people who include the Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Lenape, Cree, Objibwe, Pamunkey, Wampanoag and Shawnee. It was the most widely spread and spoken language in what is now America.

As I said all kindred speakers are called Algonquian and many claim the Lenni Lenape to be our 'grand parents'.

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