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Default My Brain's Logic

Have to get blood taken, have to get a shot, Doctor hovers hand an inch above a small bruise

My Brain: *screaming* no no oh god, im gonna die, im dying, no, no *faints*

Breaks toe mid sparring match, gets punched in the face, repeatedly whacks shins with other person

My Brain: *rage screaming* you bitch! did you just break my toe?! oh you are gonna pay *repeatedly kicks person with foot that has broken toe as hard as i can*

What's even worse is i can make fun of my anxiety and laugh about it, yet I've been so freaked out all day i haven't been able to eat, I've had repeated dizzy spells, generalized muscle weakness, and literally on the verge of tears just because i remembered i have to get blood drawn tomorrow for our company health assessments so i can get a better deal on my insurance.

i wish i could turn this nonsense off cuz i am well aware that it is an unwarranted reaction. at least i have to work all night so ill be mildly distracted until i have to try and sleep, and then it's first thing in the morning
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Default Re: My Brain's Logic

*hug* I have anxiety too, and it's awful. It's good that you can laugh about it, but sometimes that simply is a coping mechanism. I hope you are able to lessen it.

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