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Default Power of the Witch

Have you seen this? The footage of Doreen is amazing.
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Default Re: Power of the Witch

I'm on holiday and wasn't going to look at this now but it pulled me in until I ran out of bandwidth... I'll have to continue another time...
I found the first 20 minutes fascinating in many ways, especially how attitudes have evolved over time.
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Default Re: Power of the Witch

Oh yes, good to see again!
Semper Fidelis
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Default Re: Power of the Witch

This is a great resource. I've never seen it before. What I find strange given my own approach to occult work, is that there is an implication that the spirits being "literal", as in the Selene moon ritual, is somehow more important than the subjective experience of the same [edit: that is to say that the media was looking for something tangible--I don't think they got it at all.] Since any experience of a "literal" spirit would be naught but subjective I find focusing on the subjective avoids having to explain the reason that the spirit(s) didn't manifest was due to cameras and people standing around. One could just say "You didn't experience anything? How unfortunate for you."

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