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Default Re: Homosexuals raising a child

Originally Posted by petrus4 View Post
The politically correct answer around here will be an immediate yes, but personally I'm not going to say yes or no, and the reason why is because I haven't read anything about what the effects are, so I'm not qualified to answer the question.

The other problem with research into homosexuality, on either the pro or anti side of the argument, is that it is almost unavoidably biased. Those who are sympathetic to it will claim to have science on their side, and fundamentalist Christians who are opposed to it, will claim likewise. So it is virtually impossible to get the real truth.
To be honest Petrus I don't think you need a lot of scientific data to have a opinion on this.

As a teacher who teaches a different class nearly every week I have have met some very well adjusted children and some that are very messed up. In general I can say the ones with loving parents (whatever their gender) tend to fare best in the world and sometime those who are brought up by same sex couples are a bit more mature and more tolerant of other people. On the other hand heterosexual couples who are not loving to each other or their children cause a lot of harm.

I admit this is not a neutral, abstract subject for me. My girlfriend has a daughter and when we are living together as a family I will try to the best of my ability to be a good guardian/parent to her. (Her father still sees her and all is amicable).
If I also have a child by some means, we will be a same sex couple bringing up two children. I have to believe we will be as good as any heterosexual couple and our home will certainly be based on love. And while we may both be women I am sure there will be plenty of positive male role models in our children's lives as well such as friends and teachers.
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