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Default Just a rolling though for today

I've placed this on a few sites today so you may have seen it already. Additionally it's sort of theological in nature so though it would best go here but if though better in another area I ask the Mods or Admin to move it.


Ok, let me preface this with the disclaimer this is not an attack or anything upon a religion or beliefs only something that sort of occurred to me recently from viewing some photos.

If one looks at the many paintings, sketches, drawings, etc of Adam and Eve there are many things that are contained in the image. Almost all will have the serpent in some capacity. Many will have some form of angelic being that is watching over them. Nearly all will have some usage of the fig leaf to cover the adult parts though the size and shape of the fig left tends to vary greatly between that of Adam and Eve. All will have some reference to the symbolic Apple and Tree of Knowledge. Yep all things that are A-typical to the Garden of Eden story and the creation of man and woman in "God's" image.

Yet there is also a potential error to be found but it's not really a theological or spiritual error. Nope in fact it's more of a biological error that gets passed down and potentially could change things if you really pondered the depths of the error. I know your asking yourself what is this error I am speaking of. Well that error is none other than the inclusion of a belly button on both Adam and Eve.

Yet if Adam is created from the dust in God's image and Eve is created from the flesh of Adam then how can there be a belly button? A physical marking a result of development within the womb and connecting the child to the placenta contained within the mothers body. Since neither were born of a woman how can such a mark be present upon their body? If such a mark is present and Adam is created in God's image then by logical default God must also have such a physical marking suggesting that God was born of a woman and brought forth into being from her womb. Which in turn begs the consideration of the notion then who were the parents of "God".

Yet if we consider the divine image of God and the creation of Adam and Eve then why would the church and the many generations of artist continue to add such a marking of human birth and development within the womb of woman to all those artistic works? Surely the one would think Adam and Eve would never be displayed or depicted with such a mortal birthing mark, especially if Adam was created in God's image. Even more so one might think considering the role women have and the perception of procreation within the Church and religious dogma. That by design would elevate woman above man in the scheme of things I'd think. Possibly making the belly button the mark of divine conception and manifestation which might be seen as insisting that God has to be a woman vice a man.

Yet look to any artistic work depicting Adam and Eve in the garden and low and behold there is the belly button depicted upon them and anatomically placed correctly. Well any picture, painting, carving or engraving I have seen though I can not rule out there maybe some that do not depict such a mortal mark of birth.

But as I suggested in the title just a rolling though for the morning or early afternoon.
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Default Re: Just a rolling though for today

No bellybutton huh? Maybe Adam and Eve could be aliens from another planet.
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