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Default Religious Dogma And Restrictions

Why do so many religions have so much dogma and restrictions?
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Default Re: Religious Dogma And Restrictions

I think it's human nature to want to make things identifiable and organized and structured for the sense of purpose and comfort it gives (as challenging as some rules and such might be) and for a sense of identification. And this can range from fairly flexible guidelines to fairly solid creed, to strict fundamentalism...
And unfortunately some people or governing bodies or leadership or whoever can see just how much they can control people through dogma and restrictions and over time and such, things can become very rigid and specific as well for this reason. I don't know how to say things quickly and succinctly often but hopefully that made sense. If I had to sum it up in few words I guess... It's just human tendency or nature
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Default Re: Religious Dogma And Restrictions

Dogma grows up around any longstanding tradition (& not just religious or even only monotheistic traditions). Dogmas are normally the core beliefs of a group e.g. Wicca's dogma could be the place of The Goddess or the sanctity of the earth, just as Christian dogma might be the divinity of Jesus, etc.

They only become restrictive or even dangerous when they no longer meet the needs of people in a certain age or when the traditions worships the dogma instead of the Divine.
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