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Default Re: Home

Nothing was more freeing to me than the random thought driving to the apartment from work one day that one of my favorite songs didn't apply to me anymore.

No matter how hard I try
You’re never satisfied
This is not a home
I think I’m better off alone
That was so freeing to me, to realize that I actually have a home, finally.

While most little girls were dreaming of babies and weddings and careers, I was dreaming of a house. I wanted to be a homeowner so badly growing up, to have my own safe space, my own haven.

I currently live in an apartment, and while it's nowhere near ideal, it is the closest to a home I've ever had. There are periods (probably tied to my depression/cleanliness of the house) where I'm more nervous or unsettled, but we've been there going on 4 years, and once I lock that front door behind me, I can just really let my shoulders droop.

I imagine once we buy a house I'll be even more at peace, regardless, because I get so anxious not having the outdoor space to breathe.

Eat early, then eat pizza rolls when at home.
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