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Minerals and Stones Metaphysical properties and uses of minerals, stones, gemstones and crystals

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Default Prospectors

Has anyone ever watched the show Prospectors? It's a weather channel original sort of like how history channel has shows. It was actually really interesting it follows several different groups of people who for part of the year spend their time up in the mountains mining for precious stones. Amazonite, Aquamarine, and Topaz were the big three but they also collected smokey and clear quartz and flourite if they found "interesting" specimens. I found it was very addicting to watch like you got the same satisfaction watching them pull the stones out of the ground as they did doing it. it was definitely really cool to see because it honestly never occurred to me what or how a crystal might look like in and coming out of the ground. And they showed the process of how they figure out where to dig, and if you find this this and this in the ground it means your close to a gem pocket. it was really neat.

the only thing i didnt like about the show was how you could tell certain families were just in it for the money, but still called themselves "rock hounds." No, a true rock hound wouldnt discard a perfectly good handful of awesome dark black smokey quartz because they were looking for aquamarine and smokies dont bring in "bills." Like the one family who openly admitted they are in it for the big finds and to please clients i dont have a problem with because theyre being honest upfront they dont care, but dont tell me you're a rock hound and care about the stones when you're more interested in the white clay your sifting through for your cosmetic line and pouring screen after screen of quartz onto the ground for the mountain to reclaim.

by contrast there's also two families on there i like a lot because they have real respect for the land and the mountains and that's Dwayne and his family and the Busse's. Course theyre the "eccentric hillbilly" quota for the show but thats part of what's so endearing about them. And when they're on the mountain they live and work with it and off of it, they dont strip mine a big area or use explosives, or leave giant holes that have to be filled back in for the forest to reclaim after the 3 week season is over. When they leave for the most part you can't tell they were there. And both of them i would consider true rock hounds, they were trying to make money too but they took every stone they found, no matter the type or how small. Hell the one episode Dwayne was cracking up about how they found the "worlds smallest aquamarine" and it was their "special" find of the day. That made me happy.

But anyways was wondering if anyone else had seen it, what your thoughts might be on it. I know it's made me want to go out and try and find my own gem pockets i would be a happy little sunspot if i ever did; that's for sure!
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Default Re: Prospectors

I've never seen it, but it sounds pretty cool.

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