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Runelore This 8-10 week course will combine runelore with exercises and stories from the runic pathway. Its emphasis lies on reconnecting the runes with the everyday life they were once a part of, using the runes for divinatory purposes and creating small-scale energywork with their presences. Open to all levels of learning."

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Default Runework for Week Two: Part One


Other names: feoh, fé, faihu
Letter representation: f

Kennings in short: money, success, wealth, status, power, generating energy, mobility, creativity, destruction
Associated colour: light red

Fehu is the first rune we'll be studying in this course. It is traditionally associated with the god Freyr, which is one of the reasons why this first Aett is sometimes called "Freyr's Aett". Freyr was one of the most important and beautiful gods in the entire pantheon and was said to bestow mortals with great peace and pleasure. His role as a fertility god probably had something to do with that, but Freyr also presided over other aspects of natural life such as farming and weather. Freyr was said to be able to give bountiful harvests and could bring fertile and fruitful blessings to home and land.

Fehu's energy is very similar to Freyr's blessings. The name fehu often invokes a sense of fire in those who read it, as though the rune itself is alight with the fire of creation and fruition. The word fehu itself, however, means 'cattle'. Cattle used to be the most important source of food and clothing. The horns of cattle were used as drinking 'cups', whereas their manure was used to make the land fertile for crops. In many ways, you could say that cattle was the physical representation of the presence of Freyr.

The wealth and status of a family of old was measured through the number of cattle in their possession. The word fehu therefore also acquired the meaning of 'wealth' and 'money'. The individual gathering of riches, however, was disapproved of within the tribes. Fehu represents a warning to not just keep all your wealth for yourself. Everyone should be free to use fehu and share its wealth. Gathered fehu-energy will stagnate when it is not allowed to move, which will ultimately lead towards destruction and the becoming of a so-called 'miser'. Fehu provides everything in the world with energy. Too much of its energy present in one being will create chaos, stress and the feeling of everything being too much to handle. Many things become easier with fehu-energy, but you need to be able to transform that energy into physical action. Which talents do you possess, and how can you use them?

One very important thing to remember about fehu is that it is wealth that needs to be seen and welcomed. There is no wealth without your ability to ascribe value to something. Someone who cannot see wealth, or someone who ignores this, is in many ways 'poor'. Wealth itself is not merely measured in terms of money, but also in terms of good fortune and spiritual abundance. The symbol of fehu itself looks rather like someone extending their arms to 'receive' whatever riches and energy the world is able to bestow upon them. Fehu is a rune to welcome with arms wide open, but with the caution to transform its energy into something physical.

The energy of Fehu can be likened to the one of the Hindu deity Shiva. It offers creation, but also destruction. The rune in reverse can mean failing of ambitions, health issues, poverty, misfortune and unrequited love. Sometimes we can give too much value to something and focus all of our fehu-energy on its acquirement. I guess you could say that the energy 'blows up' back in your face if you try to possess what you value. The willingness to share our wealth is what keeps fehu's energy afloat as the fire of inspiration and good fortune.
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Default Re: Runework for Week Two: Part One

I definitely like the visual explanation of "arms wide open" to receive prosperity. That will help me remember this rune.
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