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Default Re: Hecate

Originally Posted by petrus4 View Post
..For some reason I do feel a desire to morally defend Hecate, when someone asks about her; that is, to tell them that despite how she looks, she might be stern, but she really is not actually bad. I am fairly sure it's because, during the one occasion when I'm willing to say I definitely did talk to her, she told me that I did not need to be afraid of her, because contrary to what I was expecting, she was not automatically going to kill me; and that was not purely because of my being under Kali's protection, either. There was some indication that she respected me seperately from that.

So if someone asks about her online, I will tell the truth, but I will offer a positive impression as well, because that is what she gave me.
For me it's always been a matter of not defending or protecting her but speaking the truth as she has shown it to me or guide me to it. It tends to piss off people who claim to honor and worship her but in truth their discomfort or disillusionment is less to me than her frustration with me, anger and / or displeasure of me doing nothing.

Ironically many times it's not even another being wrong as much as being able to defend their position and perspective of her. The typical I heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend who heard it from another justification locks my clock and to me is the ultimate dis against Hecate / Hekate in that the person has not even committed sufficient time to learn about her.
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Default Re: Hecate

Originally Posted by MonSno_LeeDra View Post
For me it's always been a matter of not defending or protecting her but speaking the truth as she has shown it to me or guide me to it.
Well, that too, as I said. What I really meant by defending her though, is simply that as with a few other of the Saturnine Gods, (such as Yahweh and Kali) Hecate tends to have a somewhat unfortunate reputation; although as you say, it can simply be because people don't do sufficient research. So if we value her, and them, we can set the record straight. I was perhaps using the word, "defend," in something similar to a legal sense...or at least in terms of her reputation.

Speaking of Kali, I also had an incident not long after I got up, less than half an hour ago. My statue of her fell on the ground, actually much more heavily than it did on both times when her arm broke, and I was initially scared that it was going to be shattered. On picking it up, however, I discovered that aside from needing to be wiped off a little, it was completely fine...not even chipped.

So I interpreted that as Ma confirming to me that when her arms have broken off in the past, that that has only happened very specifically because she wanted it to; but that no matter how hard it hits the ground, the statue won't get broken if she doesn't intend for it.
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