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Default Nightmare brings my fear of another holocaust to life.

I've had extremely vivid nightmares off and on for the past 5 years. The details vary dramatically, from my family sinking into quicksand on an evil indian reservation, to intensely painful lobotomy's, to demons chasing me through an old abandoned house. Alll of which are absolutely terrifying and sometimes traumatizing.

My one from last night was probably the most intensely uncomfortable dream I've had in a long time. It started off with a group of young people and I being taken to a strange science lab of sorts. It was as though we we were taking a tour but we were informed of strict rules against leaving the group and going about it your own way. Our guide seemed less concerned about our safety and more concerned with controlling us.

Needless to say, I was creeped out by this and decided to make my way to an exit and get out of there. This was far too odd for me.
On my way out, I was grabbed by a man who looked like a combination of Andre the Giant and Steve Austin. He had scars up and down his arms and leaned over and asked me if I know what they do to people that try to escape. He then started threatening me with several types of tools and lightly poking them into my skin as though he was trying to find the perfect torture weapon. Finally he settled on a very small long pen needle (about the size of a paper clip) and began by demonstrating on himself. It was then I realized where all his scars were from.

I ended up getting away. I don't really remember how, but I did. Not, however, without these people coming after me. I continued to run across town trying to find a safe place where they wouldn't look for me. I tried several locations I thought would be safe and ended up having to find a back way out to escape.

I finally ended up at a house back in a heavily wooded neighborhood, which a friend from work was at as well. He let me in and seemed to know why I was on the run.
The house set up was perfect for the situation. One level clean white house with a lovely patio, but inside a little run down. A closet in the back leads down into a large well lit basement with washers and a bathroom. some of the floor was wet and molded, other than that it was exactly what was needed.

Pretty quickly other young people started pouring into what was quickly becoming a safety commune. There were a few scares when strange cars pulled up in which we all hid in the safety of our hollow where there was also several stray cats to keep us company.

This nightmare did not go nearly as bad as some of mine go, but the constant anxiety and genuine fear for my life was enough to make it one of the scarier of my nightmares.

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-Terence McKenna

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Default Re: Nightmare brings my fear of another holocaust to life.

I've had a number of nightmares of a similar manner to those you describe, over the years. Being chased through an abandoned house is a particularly familiar theme.

I'm not sure how to interpret the dream you describe; but if you aren't already doing it, I'd really recommend starting to perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram on a daily basis.

The reason why I recommend this, is because in my experience, usually nightmares with the level of severity you describe, are due to passing negative spirits interfering with me in my sleep. Performing the LBRP before bed will ensure that they are kept away.
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Default Re: Nightmare brings my fear of another holocaust to life.

It's been my experience personally that nightmares caused by external interference are vanishingly rare. I'm inclined to believe your subconscious is telling you something.

Nightmares are usually the unconscious mind processing the fears and anxieties you couldn't deal with while you were awake. This dream suggests to me a fear of people (society, government, employers, whatever) trying to control you, and threatening you for failure to comply.

Not surprising, since that is in fact really happening in the world today, to pretty much everyone.

I watched Princess Mononoke last night... "So you're cursed, so what? The whole world's cursed."
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Default Re: Nightmare brings my fear of another holocaust to life.

You are leaving behind (escaping) what you once have done to yourself. You have also escaped from control. Controls you may have put on yourself or a Controlling situation. You escaped and found safety and comfort within yourself. Things are no longer getting under your skin.
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