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LHP Left-Hand Path: For discussing traditions that reject conventional religious dogmas and/or practices in favor of techniques or positions that are generally considered 'taboo.'

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Default Satanism: An Evil Religion

Was Satanism always an evil religion? Because I know in Christianity that the Bible said that Satanism is an evil religion.
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Default Re: Satanism: An Evil Religion

it was more of a rebellion against the repressive Church at the time. in comparison to that time period the Church is pretty liberal now. it was formed initially after a supposed accusations of Satanism existing. people said you think this and fear it. then we will become it. when it was actually someone ether committing some sin or worshipping pagan deities(which is considered one of the bigger sins if not the biggest).
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Default Re: Satanism: An Evil Religion

I don't like mentally focusing on Satanism, personally. I know there are some people who call themselves Satanists who are decent enough; but for me there is still strong aversion there. Apart from anything else, the spirits which you are going to end up associated with by default, make it a dangerous label to use.

While I know that this might cause some to consider me a hypocrite, given my own devotion to Kali, I don't view it that way. Ma is actually a demon slayer; and they are the kinds of spirits which anyone who refers to themselves as a Satanist, is unavoidably going to draw to themselves, in my mind.
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