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Default Nefertiti and Osiris

Im putting this in the dream forum because I'm asking since this is fueled by what I dreamt about last night.

So question being, is there any connection between Nefertiti and Osiris? I know one is a queen while the other a god, but i wasnt sure if anyone knew of anything that they were ever associated with together or something like that?

Background I'm sure would be helpful, so like i said this came about because of a dream i had last night. At first it was fairly normal, if one could consider hanging out on a playground and generally running about and causing trouble with vin diesel normal. Then all of sudden it got very dark cloudy, rained a horrible acid rain and the world just turned black and grey, and a sickly diseased green and brown. At which point post apocalyptic life ensues.

Everything is fairly normal and rather like it is now except people have formed sort sects, packs and travel together through abandoned cities and waste land. Cities are breeding grounds for cults and the 2 i remember visiting in the dream bore odd resemblances to ancient Egypt but in the sense that large tombs and pyramids and stone structures had been uprooted and sunk into the earth inside large industrial like structures. Nefertiti had a temple in both cities which is about bass akwards from what i know of her. (one of the cities her "temple" had a large group of boys dressed like slave princess leia's in a sex pit...not even gonna go into it)

The weird part is Osiris was only mentioned once, in passing, in a hushed tone with a connotation as if it/he were bad. The rest of the time the name Siris was repeated, but it was as if I and the woman i was traveling with were looking for him. Unfortunately besides that bit the only other part of the dream i remember was flying in a world war two plane with the woman to get somewhere because besides our car it was the only other working form of transportation. I will say it was a strong dream though, strong enough that despite being repeatedly woken up by the snooze on my alarm it continued every time i drifted back to brief sleep right where it left off

Also not sure if this is relevant but in the dream i saw and spoke to Nefertiti twice, she never spoke back but answered whatever we spoke to her about by nodding and waving us in a direction. I had honestly forgotten about her bust and the headdress she's typically depicted with till i looked her up today and saw pictures of it and it had been what she was wearing in the dream along with matching ornate silk(?) robe. I never saw Osiris/Siris though
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Default Re: Nefertiti and Osiris

Not sure there would be a particular connection, as Akhenaten, controversially, placed Aten as the head of the national cult. However, as queen, her people would naturally associate her with Isis, which makes her the earthly representation of Osiris' sister / wife.

Not sure that helps unwrap the imagery of your dream. (Though I think I might have been at that pit party in college... )
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