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The Physical Temple Care and feeding of the body, nutrition, herbs and supplements, exercise, alternative healing modalities - all fit here

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Default Re: the "try a new food for health reasons" thread

I tried taro root for the first time this week and loved it! I peeled it, boiled it, sliced it up in a pan with garlic, sea salt and olive oil...delicious!
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Default Re: the "try a new food for health reasons" thread

Originally Posted by feranaja View Post
Fethenwen is that Graham flour you're using? I assume we could use chickpea or quinoa flour as well? Those sound good and I assume we can use butter to cook if not vegan - or cocnut oil? I'm a little paranoid about heated vegetable oils.

I am just physically unable to eat meat anymore so I have to make this work. Not going vegan - the chickens down the road live better lives than many people, we have free range dairy and happy bees up here - but I am not eating meat anymore, period fullstop.

I can't think of what I might have had lately that's new...I have taken to using a lot of wild greens in the spring, but that's several years now..dandelion, nettle, wild mustard, many others. I put goji berries and hemp in everything - not new, either. I'm making a lot of things with both acorn flour buckwheat...including the easiest skillet bread ever - a bit obsessed with it, and wild rice too. Not new, but playing more of a staring role in my life.I love (most) wild food.
Yeah, it's chickpea flour. Makes wonderful bean patties, I also use it to make gluten free (not that I am gluten intolerant) protein loaded banana pancakes

Sure feel free to use coconut or butter oil for this recipe.

I have also wondered about the whole cooking oil issue, but came to the conclusion that - nah, never heard of anyone dying of olive oil. Heck I've seen what the french do with it, and they have fairly healthy people over there. I would no be too worried, as with most things: everything in moderation.
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