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Default Splendor Solis

http://www.hermetics.org/solis.htmlThe Splendor Solis is one of the most beautiful of illuminated alchemical manuscripts. The earliest version, considered to be that now in the Kupferstichkabinett in the Prussian State Museum in Berlin, is dated 1532-35, and was made in the form of a medieval manuscript and illuminated on vellum, with decorative borders like a book of hours, beautifully painted and heightened with gold. The later copies in London, Kassel, Paris and Nuremberg are equally fine.
The work itself consists of a sequence of 22 elaborate images, set in ornamental borders and niches. The symbolic process shows the classical alchemical death and rebirth of the king, and incorporates a series of seven flasks, each associated with one of the planets. Within the flasks a process is shown involving the transformation of bird and animal symbols into the Queen and King, the white and the red tincture. This echoes the Pretiosissimum Donum Dei sequence which is probably earlier, dating from the 15th century. Although the style of the Splendor Solis illuminations suggest an earlier date, they are quite clearly of the 16th century.
The Splendor Solis was associated with the legendary Salomon Trismosin, allegedly the teacher of Paracelsus. The Trismosin writings were later published with woodcut illustrations, in the Aureum Vellus, oder Guldin Schatz und Kunst-kammer, 1598, which was reprinted a number of times. A French translation, entitled La Toyson d'or, ou la fleur des thresors was issued in Paris in 1612 with a number of very fine engravings, some copies of which were hand-coloured.


click on http://www.hermetics.org/solis.htmlfor all images

entire book: http://www.chymist.com/Splendor%20solis.pdf

Splendor Solis (Hermetic Research Series)"><font color=Splendor Solis (Hermetic Research Series)" /> Splendor Solis (Hermetic Research Series)">Splendor Solis (Hermetic Research Series)
(Maclean claims the normal translation by JK is poor, here is Godwin's...for those unfamiliar, Godwin has translated many similar texts...)

Transformation of the Psyche: The Symbolic Alchemy of the Splendor Solis"><font color=Transformation of the Psyche: The Symbolic Alchemy of the Splendor Solis" /> Transformation of the Psyche: The Symbolic Alchemy of the Splendor Solis">Transformation of the Psyche: The Symbolic Alchemy of the Splendor Solis

adam mcLean's version of plate 19
"But what, according to you, is a true philosopher?" he asked.

"He," I answered, "who loves to contemplate truth…who is able to arrive at whatever remains ever constant. He who is capable of seeing the Whole is a philosopher; he who is not, is not."

Plato (Republic, V, 475; VI, 481-485)

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Default Re: Splendor Solis

Beautiful. Is there some lecture about it I can listen to?
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