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Default Re: No more preaching!

Originally Posted by petrus4 View Post
For the record, I've never heard of a Buddhist telling anyone that they're going to Hell. Yes, there are Hells in the Pali canon, and yes, you can end up in them for a very long time (some hundreds of thousands, some billions of years) but that still isn't *forever*, either. I'm also not sure on the specifics of how people get sent there.

That aside, I personally also ascribe to the Moen/Monroe model of astral space. According to that model, both the Heavens and the Hells can essentially be thought of as an astral equivalent of World of Warcraft. They're constructs where people go for a while in order to get what they expected while they were alive, but they're not the real final destination.

Moen's model suggests that there is a scenario with "Oversouls," or "Disks," which send out what we know as individual ego complexes/personalities/souls into physical space as probes, in order to learn. It is implied that the scenario is fractal in nature, with each Disk itself merely being the probe of a larger Disk, recursing back into infinity.
Nice model Petrus.

Buddhist argument is mainly that heaven is coming to earth for those enlightened enough to see it,kinda thing as opposed to hell & damnation stuff.

They are pretty chilled & in no way *preachy*.
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Default Re: No more preaching!

Petrus is silly.

Now let's all go take a shot of vodka in honor of everyone now being enlightened by my absolute truth in my over the top examples of appropriate behavior.

Ha ha ha ha!!!
"The flowers are so pretty you almost overlook the heathen don't you? Sinner?"

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Default Re: No more preaching!

Maybe it's just me but I don't find this board very preachy?
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