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Default Re: What is the most inspiring example of Earth power to you?

I have only ever experienced a mild earthquake, which was so minor that it didn't phase me at all. Larger-scaled ones fill me with a sense of dread/fear that is quite similar to the feeling I have around almost any kind of fire. (A candle is fine. Something bigger than a candle definitely is not.)

The power of water is something I find both beautiful and devastating. Water is my favourite out of the elements, but also one that slips through my fingers at times. Floods freak me out because there's just no point where it stops and goes away. Water remains long after the actual flood.

My favourite and most inspiring examples of Earth power would have to be thunderstorms in summer. The flash of lightning in the air, visible against a darkening sky.. The sound of thunder rumbling and roaring all around.. The smell of summer rain after a hot and dry period.. I love it. I'd go dance out there amidst the flashes and smashes of Thor's hammer if it was safe to do so.
She had studied the universe all her life, but had overlooked its clearest message:
for small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.
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Default Re: What is the most inspiring example of Earth power to you?

Volcanoes have always been very awe-inspiring to me, especially when the lave starts flowing. Lightning is also something gives me a sense of wonder and inspiration as well.
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