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Nalyd Khezr Bey

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Default Books on Runes

Daedralord, or anyone, are there any good books you would recommend on the subject of runes? Anything that might give a good solid and serious introduction would be great.

My own introduction came from Jan Fries' Helrunar: A Manual of Rune Magick. I'm still pretty new to this subject and when I first read this book I felt overwelmed with the amount of information Fries presents. Like with his other books he does do a great job of including a lot of practical instructions and suggestions but somehow this subject remains a bit foreign to me.
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Default Re: Books on Runes

I would recommend some of the works of Edred Thorsson. He has a phd in Germanic studies/language under his real name Stephen Flowers (some of his works he uses his real name) his dissertation is called:

Runes and magic: Magical Formulaic Elements in the Elder Tradition

Futhark: A Handbook of Runemagic. Very nice introduction and starting point and also an overview.

Runelore: A handbook of Esoteric Runology. I personally enjoyed this one very much. Very comprehensive, deals with the numerology and cosmology more in depth than Futhark. Contains the rune poems and a long description on the history of use through time and the historical practices.

Freya Aswynn is also one of the good authors on rune magic. Leaves of Yggdrasil (I think it was reprinted as Northern Mysteries and Magic)

Nigel Pennick is usually overlooked but he usually discusses lore rather comprehensively and I do enjoy his works. His Secrets of the Runes have helped me tremendously.

I also enjoyed reading Kveldulf Gunderson's Teutonic Magic. Has some interesting insights and methods.

One of the books I started with, though highly criticized by some is Esoteric Rune Magic by D. Jason Cooper. He does have some valuable ideas including his comprehensive chapter on astral projection and the runes.

For background on runes and the Nordic myth the Edda's are definitely recommended as well. I read a really old translation though. I am sure there are better one's out there. But you can find it easilly enough at the Sacred Texts Archive.

I am sure others here can make more recommendations for you. I will put up more here later as well and there are a few good websites out there too.

This website is actually very nice and has some through background on all facets of the runes and runelore.

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Default Re: Books on Runes

Forgot to mention Runic Amulets and Magical Objects by Macleod and Mees. A very academic look at historic rune magic and at times a critical look at how widespread historic rune magic actually was.
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Nalyd Khezr Bey

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Default Re: Books on Runes

Thanks DL. Your picks sound like they're up to the standards I require of occult literature.

I hadn't even thought of Stephen Flowers. I actually have a couple of his books but none of the rune stuff. I like his Hermetic Magic a lot.

I've read Ramsey Dukes' foreward to Leaves of Yggdrasil which he included in one of his essay collections. That and your recommendation has made me put this one on my list of "next books to look into".
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Default Re: Books on Runes


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