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Default Re: A Witch who cannot Harm...

Certainly true. On the path of self-knowledge, few things are as precious as getting our 'corns' stepped on -- getting rubbed the wrong way. Despite knowing this, however, I rarely if ever wish for such a thing to happen
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Default Re: A Witch who cannot Harm...

Originally Posted by feranaja View Post
well, we do forget the importance of this when we're angry. It can be very hard to send good wishes to someone who has wronged us or a loved one. But most of the time - it's important to do that.
I have never wished harm to anyone in the past...but this year there has been someone who I so wanted to teach a lesson....but I have been trying to keep grounded. Focusing on myself, family and the business. That has helped me actually feel sorry for them, now I can pretty much think about them and feel nothing.
I think you summed it up.
~ One by one, we will step into the center of the circle. We will hear our names chanted, feel the cone rise around us. We will receive the gift, and remember: I am Goddess..
You are God, Goddess. All that lives, breathes, loves, sings in the unending harmony of being is divine.

~ The reason nothing can truly ever make sense is that it is all fluid. ~
~ To manifest abundance, follow your hearts desire ~

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Default Re: A Witch who cannot Harm...

Originally Posted by Brigidrose View Post
I have never wished harm to anyone in the past...but this year there has been someone who I so wanted to teach a lesson....but I have been trying to keep grounded.
Very occasionally I will still encounter the odd unfavourable individual offline, who manages to offend or antagonise me to a sufficient degree, that there will be a fleeting impulse to offer them a knuckle sandwich. I never seriously consider following through on such an urge, for the most part; and the single main reason why, is because I don't need to.

Given how submissive I tend to be towards most people offline, I can comfortably rely on the fact that by the time I have the idea to punch someone in the face, several other people most likely will have already had said idea about the same person; or definitely will in the future, if they haven't already. That being the case, it is far easier and more expedient to allow one of said other individuals to expend the associated effort, and also receive the corresponding potential jail sentence, than it is for me to engage in potentially compromising behaviour myself.

Violence (whether magical or mundane) is virtually never worth it. It isn't worth it legally, and it isn't worth it karmically. If someone manages to become a problem to the point where I really need to respond, then I already know how to restrain said person in other ways, which don't involve hurting them.

There was a recent scenario in the town near where I'm currently living, where people selling cannabis were being harassed by plainclothes police officers; and said harassment was entirely arbitrary. The police are not remotely consistent about enforcement in this area.

So I did some minor astral projection, and found the egregore (shared spirit/astral being) of the local police. With Yinepu standing behind me, I asked said egregore to cease its' harassment of the locals. Said harassment ceased the very next day, and to the best of my knowledge has not recurred since. I did, however, do the police egregore in question a favour by shredding the political egregore which had its' foot on said police egregore's neck; that elicited a rather interesting response from some other beings, but such was not a major problem.

Hopefully this story illustrates my point, however. Kali has taught me that truly effective tactics call for the minimisation, rather than the maximisation of force. The location to which said force is applied, is infinitely more important and relevant than the amount of said force.

Do not strike; redirect the flow of the enemy's energy or momentum. This is even more true in magick, than it is in physical martial arts.

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