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Default How do you prepare yourself?

How do you prepare yourself for ritual?

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Default Re: How do you prepare yourself?

That really depends upon what type of ritual / ceremony it is.

If it is a special ritual / ceremony then i'll change my diet to nuts and fruits for a few days prior to that. Will mostly drink water and try to cleanse my system. The day before and the day of i'll take a couple of purifying baths with various incense or aroma baths. Many times an actual bath the night before then a final bath beneath running water in a shower to fully wash away any inpurities that linger. I'll also do a lot of prayer and internal reflection and speaking with all my gods / goddesses. I'll select certain types of clothes that I will wear that more often than not is based against the weather but also who I am calling upon.

Part of the 24 hours leading up will also be dedicated to setting up the sacred area i'll be using. That will also include pre-positioning of materials for my fire, candles, any items I will be using as a sacrifice or as a libation. I'll select what type of altar's to use, if I am going to use a natural depression of excavate one for chthonic offerings. Will usually lay the foundation for my fire and select the wood or things i'll be burning. Figure things like cedar, oak, kinlin, fronds or branches, etc.

Normal rituals such as daily offerings, prayers or self reflection nothing really special.
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Default Re: How do you prepare yourself?

Usually crank some music...Lustmord, Nox Arcana, something dark ambient. Set up the ritual chamber. Sit and be present. Start the ritual.

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Default Re: How do you prepare yourself?

Personally, it usually takes me days to prepare. Preparation depends on the ritual, but overall usually involves fasting, bathing, yoga, sacred smoke, and long/intense meditations.

For my more spontaneous rituals; prayer, meditation, and possibly even yoga as I'm introducing it into my practice more and more, and sacred smoke.

Oh, and an array of trance-inducing practices.

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"Evolution is a tightly coupled dance, with life and the material environment as partners. From the dance emerges the entity Gaia." - James Lovelock

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Default Re: How do you prepare yourself?

Physical and energetic cleansing, a moment of meditation if I need it, and on special occasions even ritual clothing. I'm less formal than many.

For little stuff, I just do it.

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Default Re: How do you prepare yourself?

Depends how big and how formal. There are times when as Alice said, I just do it. Generally though there is some meditation and grounding exercises if appropriate, a shower, some music and physical preparation of the area to be used.
Most preparation is mental and may start hours or even days before the ritual with mentaly aligning myself to the purpose of the ritual.
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Default Re: How do you prepare yourself?

I pretty much fall in line with evryone here. It ranges...I do small rituals daily, such as morning and twilight prayers, offerings to various shrines, and other small, ritualized things that don't require more than a few moments centering beforehand. Lately I've been doing more formal ritual than usual, as I'm trying to wrap my head around the way OBOD Druids do things - it's refreshing, after many years of casting the circle and calling quarters etc in very similar ways (unless you count the Golden Dawn work I did, which was so so very intricate and unique) -- mostly I do solar and lunar rituals in much the same way. But Druidic work is quite different and I think its good for me. (How deeply I will go into it remains to be seen, at this point it is simply enriching an existing practise, it may or may not become my focus).

But yes, for the larger ceremonies I bathe ritually, robe ritually, wear my regalia etc, smudge the area, use the associated colours, herbs and oils, and all that jazz. I love the theatrical aspect, and I truly believe these practises train the mind and deepen the magic. One benefit is, I can often mentally pop into sacred space in a minute or two, partly because I have gone through the full process in more detail so many times. But I feel there is a beauty and a purpose to the preparations, it's certainly not superficial or redundant.

One thing I don't do is fast, as I am hypoglycemic, and I can pass out if I don't eat breakfast on time(the joys and burdens of the highly sensitive...) I gave up meat six months ago, so I don't usually change much in my diet. One thing I will refrain from before a larger ritual is alcohol; I've done workings when I felt the effects of booze, as in HUNGOVER, lol - never again. If I have something big to do, I refrain from alcohol at least several days in advance. And never a working when really tired,I can't remember my own name unless I sleep well. It's just an exercise in absurdity if I'm not rested. So I take precautions, more than anything.
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Default Re: How do you prepare yourself?

I would for larger rituals do a bath, or if summer, dip in the pool. Most of the time I would just ground and center, then do what I would call a ritual.
At this point in my life I am part of a wonderful class that is teaching me and giving some guidelines that I never really knew before. I am much more "present" when I start and it has overflowed into my life as well. Being grounded has been something I always struggled with...I tend to flit from one thing to another. I am much more aware when I start and finish, and it has made everything much more or deeper than it already was.
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Default Re: How do you prepare yourself?

It depends on the ritual. A daily ritual I basically wash my hands, face, and feet if I can manage it. I then wash out my mouth with salt and then perfume myself.

For holiday rituals I perform I do all of the mentioned, but I also anoint myself before the perfuming. Before that I abstain from sex and take extra care of my mental health. I'm supposed to fast, but I'm hypoglycemic. If I end up menstruating before the ritual I postpone my ritual.

That's just for my religious practice, though. My other rituals are far different and vary from just diving in to observing whatever tradition I follow.
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Default Re: How do you prepare yourself?

The best experience I had was when I did go through some ordeal before ritual, I also fasted for 2 days (which was also a wonderful experience in it self). I also did the usual things like cleaning the house, smudging and such.
I can still remember the wonderful smell and calmness of that experience, it's like when fasting all the senses are much sharper.

Hmm, I really should do that again sometime. Usually I'm quite lazy to prepare for ritual, I often post-pone it for a long time, and then when I finally decide to do one, I usually run out of time so I need to prepare myself quickly. No wonder my rituals mostly do not feel very "genuine".
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