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Default Will God Ever Accept The LGBT Community?

Do you think that God will ever accept the LGBT community?
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Default Re: Will God Ever Accept The LGBT Community?

I think it's more a question of whether or not people, will.

I seem to recall reading stories about how Jesus washed the feet of prostitutes, and yet here we have a pizzeria that won't even serve gay people.

They're not christians, they're simply angry spiteful people who want power.
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Default Re: Will God Ever Accept The LGBT Community?

In truth I don't think it has anything to do with God, spirituality or religious dogma but everything to do with humanity. Humanity in that it is people claiming to speak for the Christian God and offering up what they think he means. Yet always subverting and subjecting it to ensure control and domination over the masses.

As such I do not think the God of Christianity really cares about sexual choices but about spiritual. Sort of the things not of the flesh though humanity clings to the idea of sins of the flesh. But I honestly do not think you'll ever remove that bias entirely. Even when it supposedly is removed I think it's more situation driven for acceptance than blanket acceptance.
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Default Re: Will God Ever Accept The LGBT Community?

It's not God's problem. People think they speak in God's stead while they really just speak out of fear. It's different from what they're used to, especially when they've lived a more sheltered life, and that kind of thing causes judgment.
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Default Re: Will God Ever Accept The LGBT Community?

As everyone else here has said, this issue isn't God; it's Christians.

If the Christians are smart, (which they generally are not) then they will realise and accept the fact that their conflict with the gay movement is one that they are not going to win.

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