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Default The Planets and what they're good for

I thought I'd give a tutorial on the use of planetary hexagram rituals and what each planet is good for.

Here is a basic overview of each planet and what operation it would be appropriate for:
Starting with the Sun (corresponding with Gold, and the sphere of Tiphereth, the sixth sphere, or Beauty), Sunday is the day of the sun. The Days and Hours of the Sun are very good for perfecting experiments regarding temporal wealth, hope, gain, fortune, divination, the favor of the influential, to dissolve hostile feeling, and to make friends.
The day of the Moon is Monday. The moon corresponds with Yesod, the 9th sphere, which is Foundation, and the metal of silver. The influence of the moon relates to dreams, and psychic experiences. The Hours of the Moon are proper for making trial of experiments relating to recovery of stolen property, for obtaining nocturnal visions, for summoning Spirits in sleep, and for preparing anything relating to Water.
The planetary influence of Tuesday is Mars. Mars relates to Geburah (severity or strength), the 5th sphere and the metal of iron. In the Days and Hours of Mars you can make experiments regarding War ; to arrive at military victory ; to acquire courage ; to overthrow enemies ; and further to cause ruin, slaughter, cruelty, discord ; to wound and to give death. Mars is a "heavy" planet.
Wednesday is the day of Mercury, which corresponds with the sephira of Hod, Splendour, and the metal of mercury. Mercury's influence is youthful and of intelligence. The Days and Hours of Mercury are good to operate for eloquence and intelligence ; promptitude in business ; science and divination ; wonders ; apparitions ; and answers regarding the future. You can also operate under this Planet for thefts ; writings ; deceit ; and merchandise.
Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter relates to the sphere of Chesed, mercy, which is the fourth sphere of the sephira. The metal of Jupiter is tin. The Days and Hours of Jupiter are proper for obtaining honors, acquiring riches ; contracting friendships, preserving health ; and arriving at all that you desire.
Friday is the day of Venus, corresponding to the sphere of Netzach which is the 7th sphere. Netzach, or Victory. The metal of Netzach is copper. The Days and Hours of Venus are good for forming friendships ; for kindness and love ; for joyous and pleasant undertakings, and for traveling.
Saturday is ruled by Saturn. Saturn corresponds to the 3rd Sephira, or Binah (understanding). The metal corresponding to Saturn is Lead. In the Days and Hours of Saturn one can perform experiments to summon the Souls from Hades, but only of those who have died a natural death. Similarly on these days and hours one can operate to bring either good or bad fortune to buildings ; to have familiar Spirits attend thee in sleep ; to cause good or ill success to business, possessions, goods, seeds, fruits, and similar things, in order to acquire learning ; to bring destruction and to give death, and to sow hatred and discord. Each planet rules the day from sunrise to sunrise.
(referencing the key of solomon)
To figure out the hours and their planetary attributes, I have found this program very helpful:
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