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Default Rune Magic

Anyone here with a particular interest in the Germanic runes (Futhark). Or with experience in their use. I have found most people seem to believe they are only used for divination. But I have always seen their function as primarily magical and have found them truly powerful. Here is a very interesting page with runic spells (rune charms).

Also has descriptions of each of the runes and other charms as well on other pages. Follow the next or back links at the bottom or the "go to" jump thingy. The next page has warrior charms and charms for peace very interesting.
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Lord Ruthven
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Default Re: Rune Magic

I've done runic magic before. It's good stuff, concentrates the mind to write out in symbols what you are focussing on. Basically ancient sigil work.
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Rend Sever
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Default Re: Rune Magic

Rune magic was one of the first things that actually piqued my interest in the occult. That isn't to say I was very good at it, nor understood it well, lol. Still, fun and interesting stuff.

I just wish there was more palpable and easily searched information on the intwerwebz about it. Sunnyway is just about the only good site I've found in regards to runic magic.
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Lord Ruthven
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Default Re: Rune Magic

Rend, if you haven't already get your hands on The Magician's Companion by Bill Whitcomb. Loads of stuff on runes and a damn good bibliography. Well worth having.
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Default Re: Rune Magic

Were runes initially/originally created as a form of written language?
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Default Re: Rune Magic

I'll tell you a little anecdote regarding runemagic. My husband's fairly experienced with it... in fact he's got a book coming out in a couple months. Awhile back
We were doing an astral vision together I was out and he was the guide and anchor... the usual way we work together. I got into kind of an unpleasant place and I started to get scared but I couldn't pull out I was stuck. He wrote a rune symbol on my chest with his finger which freed me but with an explosive quality to it. It was quite a ride and quite a relief. I think runes can be very powerful tools even if your not specifically doing rune magic ( we were not doing anything specifically related to runes at the time) Even though the alphabet was originally designed for communication the use I think has increased the magical qualities of it.

Nothing like that has happened since.

Okay my 2cents
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The Peanut Gallery

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Default Re: Rune Magic

Runes were also a major starting point for me in terms of magical work and wonderment ... my first love spell was written with runes on birch paper and lit afire on top of the tallest tree in the woods! She kissed me about a week later, but then her parents came home and we never went any further ... anyways, I digress.

My interest in the runes (elder futhark specifically) at the moment is this:

An octave is a range of vibrations that exist within the span of a doubling of any given vibration, for example; 24 to 48. Within this span, the vibrations form certain 'gravity centers' or points which we generally call 'notes' in terms of the sol-fa. It's also interesting to see this cosmic law manifest in ROYGBIV as well as the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, of which that visible light spectrum is but one note. It's a rather fractal phenomenon.

So, let's take a little closer look at what's happening inside the octave, at the inner vibrations.

We'll call the first note DO and assign it a vibration of 24 (for ease of demonstration).

The ratios increase like this: 1/8, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 7/8.

1/8 of 24 is 3, so we add that to the next note, RE: 27. And so on:


And now, let's take a look at the differences between the values of each note,.


What be see now is that between the notes RE and MI there is another inner-doubling, an inner-octave. And the same is found between MI and SOL, and again between SOL and DO. We can now see that in every octave, or every doubling of vibrations, there are indeed three inner, or hidden octaves.

Why I bring this up here, now, is because of how it relates to my current interest in the elder futhark rune series.

There are 24 characters, divided into 3 sets, or 'aett' of 8 letters each. It's my belief that the futhark runes represent an understanding, now lost to modern man, of these 'gravity center vibrations' which exist in each octave, as well as their hidden inner octaves. An understanding of this caliber could bridge the gap between science and mysticism, as well as provide access to an interface with reality on a truly cosmic level. However, since the runic alphabet is obviously a derivation from older Italic characters, my suppostion lies not so much in their form as in their essence, and this is where the terrain becomes a little slippery for me.

My research in regards to a further elaboration of this idea is still in the works. I present this now in the hopes that other people (or entities) here will take an interest and continue a research in their own regard.
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Default Re: Rune Magic

Runes were used as a written language on all sorts of inscriptions. But magic and divination could be found alongside these uses. Some spells use language where a phrase on a runestone would be written out for instance with a curse on any who would alter or remove the stone. And some magical formulae would use the symbolic value of what the rune stands for like Tyr/Tiwaz written on a shield for battle protection.

I suppose this is the case with any language and magical alphabet, that it goes both ways. Language itself has through the ages been seen as a magical thing in itself with the power to define and alter reality.

Leben your research looks very interesting and promising. I also started out with the runes on my magical journey. Will look into this further too. Let us know what you find too.
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Default Re: Rune Magic

I work with the Spirits of the Runes.I wrote this below, as an explanation of why,previously elsewhere.

For many out there the Runes get used purely for divination but they are magickally powerful and so much more than just a divinatory tool or a 'coded' way of writing information.

Galdr,the singing of the Runes is the vibrational part and Seidr work involves magickal use also.The Runespirits have correspondances which can be worked into rituals,such as herbs,,colours etc.Like most systems do.

We take the first six runes Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raido and Kauno - F U T A R K put the sounds they represent together, and they make the word Futhark. (The Th sound is represented by just one rune, Thurisaz).Futhark means order.

This word is the 'order' of the first runes, the direction and 'sense',sense as in their particular affiliations with certain qualities/influences of their description and transcription.Thus Futhark means 'order', as in the order which is born out of chaos: Ginnungagap:the evolution that rises after revolution.The futhark was first 'pulled' through to our world, as 'glyphs' in written form by Odin, he did not create the runes or the runespirits,but, he gave the runespirits 'houses' or dwelling places IN THIS WORLD: in the glyphs - he 'translated' them: he 'made sense' out of 'nonsense',thus bringing order into chaos and chaos into order.ODIN was catalyst and medium of transmission: the living conduit that completed the circuit.The Shamanic living bridge.

Why blood the Futhark?Well....... Why not?....Odin was hanging upside down in a tree,wounded and bleeding,do you suppose pen and paper were readily available?Blood on Wood, the oldest and the best. We Honour him by blooding runes in memory of his pain and we empower them by our blood ,blood of blood.Kin of kindred,that is why.It is also about respect....

I am rather traditional in the blooding aspect I know,but I feel it is an important part of tuning the Runes and their Spirits into your personal energy.This is just my own perspective,it's a personal choice.
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Default Re: Rune Magic

Bump! I think many of the new members have mentioned experiences with runes. Bumping this in case anyone is interested.
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