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Default Finally....


Not optimistic anything will change, but...finally. The deniers can't really keep denying forever....can they?
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Default Re: Finally....

The report pretty much builds on the results from the samee group that we discussed in May. There are two additions, apart from the 'text bites' that have been added so that the average journo can understand it well enough to report on it.

The first is to state bluntly that use of coal and oil is dead unless carbon capture technology is developed. I whole-heartedly agree about CCS and I've rabitted on about it here and elsewhere to the point where probably everyone is bored with hearing my POV.

The second is, IMO, unfortunate. One 'text bite' says roughly that climate changes will be irreversible by the end of the century unless by then carbon emissions drop to virtually zero. In fact it's a fair summary of that section of the previous meeting and politically I can see why they've emphasised it, but I wish they hadn't done it, because it gives politicians currently looking for election, as well as India, China and to a lesser extent the USA, an out, suggesting that the really tough decisions can be postponed for another ten years. They can't.

As for deniers, I said back in May that any scientist who is a denier is either touting for research money or doesn't understand the evidence. This report won't change the minds of any remaining deniers.

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