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I am one of those rare people that enjoy my work. I have a Chiropractic office, my husband and I work together, and I teach Hatha Yoga as part of patients’ physical therapy at our office and at a park district class. Furthermore, I am a Massage Therapist and Reiki Master/Teacher.

Also I love to paint. I prefer acrylic medium although I am starting to use more oils. I enjoy reading all sorts of metaphysical books, hugging trees, watching the sun set….. Oh yeah and puttering mindlessly.

Her website can be found here


I am an eclectic pagan and practicing witch. My personal path is heavily influenced by my relationship with Hathor/Het Hert. Wicca, Taoism, Christianity and Ancient Egyptian beliefs have been important signposts on my spiritual journey. I travel a lot in Europe and for a living I teach and promote English courses.

Darth Brooks (a.k.a. Sah-En-Deshret)

Darth Brooks is a Kemetic Sethian priest who is ordained in the Universal Life Church (for more information click here ). He works in educational research and he founded an informal Sethian fellowship called the LV-426 Tradition in 1997 (for more information click here ). He lives with a beautiful priestess of Ishtar and a little gray cat called Sneakers. His website dedicated to Set can be found here


I’m 65, retired computer consultant, ex-marine, though there really is no ex in marine. I’m just not active. :)

I’ve been of the pagan persuasion for many years, been a member of the Theosophical Society, Nichiren Shoshu, and pursued various studies on my own. My foster daughter and many cats share space with me. If any current label would apply to me, it would probably be Pantheist.


Feranaja is a self-described nature mystic, animal empath and avid, lifelong animal ambassador. She set up EarthSong forums a few years back with the idea that it would represent a place to build community, share and explore personal growth, and celebrate the beauty and spiritual power of the natural world as well as address issues dealing with our imminent crises and challenges.

Fera is a canine nutritionist and apprentice herbalist, a practitioner of Tellington Touch, an avid tarot student and longtime professional reader, and loves anything related to magic, mysticism and the esoteric. She is studying Avalonian Magic with Mara Freeman’s Avalon Mystery School, working on a Tarot deck, studying herbalism, and hoping to find time to complete a full length book this winter.

She loves music and art history, ESF, good food, drinking beer with friends, and above all else in the universe, spending quality time with her animal pack.

Her website, the possible canine, can be found here


ffetcher is over fifty, scruffy, short and bearded. He was brought up in a Free Kirk family, then taught Methodist Sunday-school for a while before becoming disillusioned and studying ceremonial magic. At university he discovered Wicca, which he has followed ever since.

He’s been married for over twenty years and has dragged his long-suffering wife around Europe and Scandinavia for most of that time, following his research into heretical sects of the middle ages. Her standard comment is that holidays in places normal tourists don’t go are usually great fun, except for the time we spent an afternoon looking for a preserved crypt on a German industrial estate and the time she had to reverse an over-large hire-car two miles along a Flemish road.

ffetcher works in computing but the last time he was asked ‘what kind?’ the questioner fell asleep before the end of the explanation.

His website can be found here

Flailing Idiot

Flailing Idiot lives in Toronto with his beautiful and patient wife, plays drums (flailing) and runs a successful web design business. Without him ESF would not exist! Technical expertise, unflappable calm and a serious work-ethic all rolled into one. Our beloved FI, many thanks for all you do – Fera.


Come in. Let me pour you a cup. *offers either brew or poison, my choice….* To satisfy your craving I’ll tell you a morsel or two about myself. My muse tells me that I am a writer. So yes, I do hear voices. I also have the required reoccurring ink pen indent in my middle finger. Don’t worry it’s not serious, yet. I am looking for new friends that are easy going, problem solvers who use magic for good things. Maybe we can work together. What do you say? By the way, I do have the antidote for that, if you are interested…


I was born in the USSR but moved to Britain in 1996. Last year I went through a set of experiences and changes that have moved me from my 6 year Mahayana Buddhist period into a Western Tradition. One of them was an Ayahuaska ceremony in a tepee in the middle of the forest in Wales, part of the visual experience of which is represented in my Consciousness Stream painting.

Now I am a reiki Master and a co-organizer of weekly London Energy share (click here to find out more about this). I am also a FLO (Fraternity of the Hidden Light) initiate. I work a lot with crystals, for healing work and also making energy grids with intent.

One latest project I am trying to organize is a skype guided group meditation (my skype username is katiafish and anyone wanting to participate in it can add me and talk to me about it direct), as I have some experience guiding meditations after organizing few meditation workshops this summer, and also I guide meditations in my energy share groups. Consequently, I just thought it would be nice to branch out and through facebook and some other sites to try and get as many people to participate as possible. Its all free of course. I also do free reiki attunements for anyone who is interested, as I have decided it is one true benefit I can offer to the humanity as a whole :)


Kokaba’al is a twenty-something student, occultist and, as is standard of chaos magicians, often reckless and prone to extreme silliness. When not lurking in forums and plotting global takeover, she can be found playing various games or possibly even reading, writing or drawing something just for the fun of it. She often dreams about cake, but doesn’t know how to bake very well at all.


Kwaw is an ex-careworker from the UK living as an ex-pat in Turkey. He is an avid reader of poetry, of the stars and of playing cards. More about Kwaw can be found here


MonSnoLeeDra stayed in West Virginia after retiring from the US Navy. He lives with his wife to whom he has been married to for almost 28 years. They have two sons, two grandson and one granddaughter. His spiritual pathway being a combination of Shamanic practices and Green Witchcraft / Hedgewitch.

While he has tried various formats and genres, he enjoys writing in short story and poetic formats the most. Besides writing he is very interested in genealogy and spends a large amount of time researching his family tree. His other interest includes geology, archeology and ancient history.

Mr Cheese

Mr Cheese was born in New England but grew up in Southwest England. He grew up in and around the town of Glastonbury from where he gained his affinity to the Grail.

As a spiritual background Mr Cheese has touched upon Hermeticism, Paganism and related topics. He sees his currently largely Gnostic leanings as a further evolution of his own personal Grail Quest.

Mr Cheese loves red wine, fine cheese, Withnail and I, many forms of music (depending on mood), films with actual plots and having grass beneath his feet.


petrus4 is a neophyte Qabbalistic/Chaos magician, natal/mundane astrologer, novice herbalist, and UNIX shell scripter, whose purpose is to assist in education, advocacy, and intention/timeline anchoring for the emerging Aquarian society. Jai Kali Ma!


I am a 27 year old self taught artist from Chicago and have been doing art all my life but sculpting within the last 7 years. I specialize in images and deities of the pagan religions, everything from Wicca to Vodou. As a practitioner, I have studied the pagan religions from all over the world and let the gods channel through me while I create. I love symbolism and the deeper meaning of classical and religious art and use that as an influence in my work.

I have recently began selling work within the last 4 months and am working on a website which can be found here

Seawitch Artist

I’m a fifty-something Witch and Artist in Britain. I feel I’ve always been this, but the Witch woke up in me the early 1990′s. I was quickly drawn to the path of the Sea Witch, having spent much of my life by the Sea in a number of countries and spending some years of my life at sea as well. This usually solitary path has never really left me but even so I moved on to Wicca and became initiated into a Gardnerian Coven some years ago.

As an Artist I’m self taught beyond much encouragement from two art teachers I have fond memories of. My chosen medium for many years has been acrylic, I’ve always painted Pagan subjects, it often overlaps into Marine and landscape art too.

I’ve illustrated some books, calendars and exhibited in East London once.

My website, including more of my artworks, can be found here

Silver Birch

I live in the South East of England and seem to have a bit of free time on my hands at the moment. My background is teaching but my health has forced me to give up paid work.

I was struggling to keep my mind active so after hearing about ESF from a friend I decided to join and have enjoyed reading and learning from everyone’s posts. I have had more time to think and more time to appreciate simple things which in turn has given me the inspiration to return to activities such as writing poems and drawing.


Stephanie, recent high school grad. Enjoys drawing, painting, reading, and running. Lives in Kentucky, enjoys the company of her friends and her pets.


TheThing is a woodsman, nature mystic, longtime gardener and animal lover/rescuer. He is interested in science fiction, all forms of spirituality, politics and the arts (especially music and film). He lives in West Quebec with feranaja and the zoo. Favourite pastimes include cooking and eating, watching (good) tv and film, listening to news programmes and pontificating. He also likes to sit on ESF and banter. He would like to say, he has nothing at all against livestock, but is very reticent on the topic of adding to the household at this time.


I was raised a Christian but discovered Pantheism through reading Baruch Spinoza’s ‘Ethics’ that led me to having an epiphany. From that moment, the world made sense to me. I have contemplated Pantheism ever since and enjoy a contented life as a result.

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